Crane 1

Get out and take a drive today through any major city in America and you’re likely going to see something very reassuring – cranes and concrete! It’s no secret that the construction industry has been negatively affected by the economy over the past several years, but 2013 has given us all something to be excited about. From coast to coast our industry is showing signs of life again. Here in Florida, Miami-Dade County posted strong gains in 2012 after a deep and depressing six-year slide; construction is already underway on a dozen new condominiums!

While skylines dressed with cranes and concrete offer hope, reassurance, and even new jobs within the industry, business owners and builders need to remain cautiously optimistic with their strategy at the forefront. When opportunity for new construction arises, whether it’s a bridge, condominium, shopping center or interstate, you’re likely up against hundreds of other construction companies bidding on the same exact project.

What is your company’s competitive advantage? Do you build faster? Are your prices more competitive? Is every single one of your construction projects delivering a safe environment to the end consumer? As new projects expand in size and complexity, so does the demand for larger, stronger and better engineered concrete accessories. We’re not just building single story grocery stores this year, we’re aiming for the high-rises!

If more cranes and concrete are on your horizon for 2013, we invite you to contact our team. Meadow Burke is an industry leader in developing concrete accessory products that make a real difference in the way you can approach your upcoming construction projects. We deliver products that help you get the job done faster, and ultimately save you money – With more time and more money, there’s more opportunity to take on new clients!