Burke Lockable Dowel

Revolutionizing Post Tensioned Concrete

Keeping with the promise of efficiency, safety and affordability, the Burke Lockable Dowel is an effective alternative to using the traditional pour strip construction method when pouring post-tension slabs. The Burke Lockable Dowel is a sheer load connector consisting of a dowel, sleeve and locking components designed for use at temporary movement joints (pour strips) found in post-tensioned concrete frames. The use of the Burke Lockable Dowel system virtually eliminates pour strips in slabs and allows for temporary movement while permitting the project team to continue normal operations.

  • No pour strips
  • Eliminates more than 30 days from construction schedules
  • Dramatically improves on-site safe work conditions
  • Significant labor and material cost savings

Anyone that knows what pour strips ultimately cost your project will use this system. It’s so simple. Take the next step. Change is hard, but choosing the Burke Lockable Dowel can, and will, take you to the next level of success.

Burke Lockable Dowel Design Tool

The transition from any tried-and-true to bigger-and-better is made easier by understanding how the new process will make your life simpler (or the process, cheaper, faster, stronger). With this in mind, we’ve developed the Burke Lockable Dowel Design Tool. The program is user-friendly, with the purchase of the Burke Lockable Dowel system, and comes with free technical support. Engineers will use the software to calculate how many dowels are needed on the job to eliminate the pour strip.

Features Include:

  • Project design simplification
  • Accurate placement design of the Lockable Dowel components and reinforcement elements
  • 3D view of system installed in concrete, user chooses points of view
  • Detailed calculation reporting using ACI1318-11 Appendix D
  • Provides formula logic
  • Extensive QC documentation with reference codes


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