Keyway Splice Box

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How to Order

Keyway Splice Box Systems are intended to simplify your project. Ordering the Keyway Splice Box is as simple as determining the reinforcing detail for a specific application.

After determining a potential area for a construction joint, six simple steps are needed to quickly identify crucial data.

The Joint Length provides an estimate of the number of boxes needed for this application. It will also provide a guide for the length of the box itself.

The Keyway Width will allow the Keyway Box to match your projects design requirements. It will also allow us an opportunity to ensure proper clearance for reinforcing steel inside the case prior to straightening.

The Keyway Depth will match the keyway casing to specific project requirements.

Rebar Diameter: Specifying the rebar diameter is required. The Keyway Splice Box is available in #4,#5, or #6.

Stirrup Type: While rebar configurations are virtually endless, we have established standard configurations.

Rebar Spacing through the Meadow Burke Keyway Splice Box quotation form on the website at Meadow Burke’s experienced staff will utilize the information from the form to recommend the best solution for your specific application.
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