Keyway Splice Box

Layout 1


The Keyway is easily installed in the field by nailing it directly to the form face, this will ensure linearity and proper dowel bar spacing, which reduces installation and job site labor costs.

1: Attach the Keyway Box by nailing through the casing to the formwork or securely tie the projecting reinforcing bars to existing reinforcement.The Box should be firmly secured and tight against the formwork to avoid displacement during concrete placement.

2: Once the formwork is removed, the steel cover will be exposed. Remove the steel cover to expose the pre-bent reinforcing steel.

3: Straighten the bars using a hickey bar (cheater bar) that is slightly larger than the rebar being straightened. The bars should be straightened only once according to the procedure highlighted below. Care should be taken to avoid damage to adjacent concrete, See ‘Rebar Straightening’ below for additional information.

Rebar straightening procedure

1. After the disposable cover is removed, the bars are to be easily pulled out by hand at a maximum of 20º from the Keyway box.

2. A hickey bar (cheater bar) of a diameter just large enough to slide over the pre-bent bar is to be used to finish the procedure.

3. Slide the hickey bar as far up the bar as possible and rebend the bar approximately another 25º–30º. Repeat this procedure 2 – 3 times more until the bar is exactly straight. DO NOT REBEND the pre-bent bars in one motion.

4. Do not heat the bars for rebending. We also do not recommend rebending the bars in the field more than once.