Keyway Splice Box

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The Benefits of the Solution

Use of the Keyway Splice Box system offers many benefits over conventional joint construction. This contributes to the acceleration of the construction process. Some of the advantages of using the Keyway Splice Box Systems:

• Keyway Splice Box units are easy to use and quickly nailed to formwork or tied to the main reinforcement.
• Eliminates the need to drill formwork for rebar.
• Formwork designs can be simplified and complicated construction joint designs reduced.
• Climbing formwork systems can be easily used.
• Easy to use, the system requires little onsite training in order to carry out installation.

• The Reinforcing Bars are housed in a steel case until ready for use.
• The Keyway Splice Box eliminates protruding bars that potentially cause injury and improves available work space.

• Prepositioned bars ensure precise alignment, assures full load transfer, increases joint strength and limits the concrete shrinkage between concrete placements.
• A perforated casing allows free airflow, assisting removal of entrapped air, especially where high pour heights are being achieved.
• Fabricated in a controlled manufacturing environment to ensure the highest quality and dimensional integrity.
• The reinforcement bars remain protected and clean from damage until required for use.

• Formwork systems do not need to be drilled, damaged or repaired when using the Keyway Splice Box system, thus improving the life of cycle formwork.
• The Keyway Splice Box is extremely easy to use and can be installed without specialized training.
• Simplifies formwork designs and allows larger concrete pour.
• Eases rebar and formwork placement, improving your productivity.