The Tampa International Airport (TPA) is undergoing renovations and a major expansion, its biggest construction upgrade since 1971. The $953 million Master Plan, which commenced in November, includes a 1.4 mile automated people mover, a large rental car center, a new terminal as well as 65 new shops, restaurants, kiosks and bars to accommodate the millions of passengers the airport receives per year. The project required 293 subcontractors and more than 4,000 construction workers.

Construction started with the relocation of utility lines followed by heavy demolition of concrete decks as well as the Taxiway J Bridge and other structures. As demolition continued, the first phase of the Master Plan began with TPA’s main terminal where new walls were being put up to build a larger terminal that will feature outdoor dining. Next, space was made to begin work on the airport’s multi-million square-foot rental car center and the new automated people mover. The people mover, which is being called SkyConnect, will be able to quickly take passengers to the main terminal, economy garage and the new rental car center. In order to create space for SkyConnect, the Taxiway J Bridge as well as one of the runways for smaller aircrafts had to be shut down and reconstructed.

Meadow Burke provided the engineering and supply of the BBS-54 Overhang Bracket and the HF-31 Precast Embed Hanger to contracting company, Archer Western. The BBS-54 Standard Overhang Bracket  is designed for use on steel and concrete girders with an easy presetting on the ground. The HF-31 Precast Embed Hanger is designed for use in concrete beams only and is installed in the wet concrete during casting of the precast beams. Care must be exercised to prevent the hanger from “sinking into the concrete” and to provide a 1/4 inch setback from the side form.

Richard Porrino, Meadow Burke engineer, provided the drafting while Leslie Rivera and Samuel Gallagher supplied the engineering for the BBS-54 Overhang Bracket and the HF-31 Precast Embed Hanger. Engineering was essential to determine placing and load calculations in order to ascertain if any predetermined hanger spacing was compatible with actual job loading conditions.

Meadow Burke also supplied Tuff Chairs, snap ties and other reinforcing bar supports to DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems and VSL Structural Technologies for the construction of the parking garage being built by contractor Baker Concrete.

The progression of the Master Plan at TPA has been reported to be going smoothly and on time. The latest progress has been the reconstruction of the Taxiway J Bridge, which is scheduled to open in the fall. Walls are being put in place in order to create the new bridge deck. The SkyConnect has also begun construction with the installation of rebar using a gang drill for precise alignment of the concrete tracks.

Some of the new retail stores and restaurants have also already begun to open for business at the airport.

Renovations and construction at TPA is expected to continue through 2017.

Construction at the Tampa International Airport