The Meadow Burke Rapid-Lok© Connection Plate System eliminates many field welding operations with its unique and thoughtful design. Each System connection has three basic parts: an embed plate, a void former and the bearing angle. Many sizes are available to meet most requirements and special sizes and/or configurations are available on special order. All connections are in conformance to recommendations set forth in the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Design Handbook, 6th Edition.


Primary Types of Assembly:

The Bearing Angle Assembly:
Rapid-Lok assembly, consisting of an Embed Plate and a Bearing Angle.

The Bearing Corbel Assembly:
This Rapid-Lok Assembly is used to improve the aesthetics, while being capable of reaching a 2-hour fire rating if required. The assembly consists of an Embed Plate and a Bearing Corbel.

The Primary Assembly Components:

Embed Plate
The Embed Plate consists of a flat (ASTM A36) steel plate with headed studs welded to the back for embedment. Stud pattern and sizes have been engineered to optimize performance. The keyhole shaped slots are used to make a rapid connection of the Bearing Angle or Bearing Corbel to the Embed Plate. The “Bearing Point” locators have been improved to “Diamond Holes” that are visible from either side, even after galvanizing. The Safe Working Load (SWL) is applied to the front of all steel components for easy identification after installation.

The Void Former
Each Void Former is a plastic box which fits into the keyhole and is secured into place with new locking stems, eliminating any concrete leakage, even when Self Consolidating Concrete is used. This new former creates a voided area, free of concrete behind the Embed Plate and permits the attachment of the Bearing Angle or Bearing Corbel without interference.

The Bearing Angle and Bearing Corbel
The Bearing Angle and Bearing Corbel are engineered with interlocking Super Studs, allowing them to be securely connected to the Embed Plate without bolts or welding. The studs are specially treated and have been “cold tested” to ensure strength, durability and cold weather performance. In addition, when using the Corbel unit, insulation and a bottom cover plate can be factory installed to increase the fire rating from 1-hour to 2-hour. All corbel units are delivered with a bottom plate to improve the overall appearance when viewed from below.