Threaded Socket

The days of drilling and hammering a lift pin in place are over! With a proven safe working load, the Meadow Burke Lift Pins with Sockets are designed to assure easy installation and safe handling of concrete products by providing a fully threaded connection. The threaded socket can be used in wet-cast concrete by casting it into the precast section at the time of production, and the threaded lift pin is installed after concrete has cured.

Threaded Socket Advantage:

• Allows for quick and easy installation of threaded pin
• Cast into precast at time of production, eliminates drilling into the concrete
• A single injection molded part (no two-piece solvent or sonic weld)
• Provides a water-tight and vacuum-tight connection
• Outside rings insure no infiltration or exfiltration along the outside of part
• Can tie into cage, or fit onto existing locating pins inserted through outside form
• Will work with magnetic socket locators


• Injection molded with durable polypropylene conforming to ASTM D-4101
• 1 diameter Grade 60 reinforcing bar conforming to ASTM A-615