Threaded Lift Pin

While many competitor lift pin products claim a rating for a theoretical or mechanical working load, Meadow Burke has actually done exhaustive testing in the field and with an independent lab. We’ve validated the actual / true safe working load of our product to be 2,000 lbs per lifter, with a 4:1 safety factor. A lifting device is only as good as the concrete around it, and knowing the “true” safe working load keeps you and your team safe.

Threaded Lift Pin Advantage:

• 2,000 lbs. true SWL per Lifter with a 4:1 safety factor
• Unique handle design for easy grip
• Can install in wet-cast concrete products with the threaded socket
• Stop guide for accurate installation
• Can be used with spreader bar and chains, hooks or slings
• Lift pin can be used as a drill and hammer-in style with our smooth cast in sockets


• Injection molded with durable polypropylene conforming to ASTM D-4101
• 1 diameter Grade 60 reinforcing bar conforming to ASTM A-615