2090 DimenThe CB-2 Coil Bolts are available in 1/2″ and 3/4″ diameters for use with Coil Ties, Coil Inserts and other Meadow Burke products furnished with coil threads. Coil Bolts are manufactured with the fast-threading, self-cleaning coil thread and are available in lengths as needed.

Coil Bolts may be furnished with an integral forged head or with a hex nut welded to a length of continuous coil rod. Standard thread length of the integral forged head Coil Bolt is 4″ on the 1/2″ diameter and 4-1/2″ on all other sizes.

Use of waterproof, stain resistant grease applied to the bolt shaft will aid in the bolt removal process. Note that Coil Bolts are subject to wear and misuse and should be continually inspected for wear, cracks, bends, overstressing, etc. If there is any indication of these types of problems, the bolt should be discarded.

2090 Chart2