6060 Dimen

2-Ton, 4-Ton and 8-Ton

The RL-24 Plate Anchor is designed with a plate welded to the bottom to provide high pullout strength with a low profile. This design makes the anchor ideal for face and back lifts of thin-wall units and stripping, handling and erection applications. The 4-ton Plate Anchor is ideal for use in the *Thermomass® 3-2-3 composite insulated panel system. The Plate Anchor is available in the sizes shown in the table and in plain or hot dip galvanize finish.

Reinforcing Recommendation:
Crisscross the lower plate of the anchor with four (4) 18” long #4 rebar.

NOTE: A minimum 3/4″ concrete cover below the anchor is required to achieve posted working loads.

NOTE: The Plate Anchor has allowable face shear loads that are equal to or greater than unreinforced face tension loads for anchors located in a panel or concrete unit at a distance of at least 2B+A from the edges.

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