6445 DimenDouble Swivel Lift Plate is designed to allow the bail to swivel 360° in the horizontal plane and 180° in the vertical plane. This feature allows the unit to rotate to the direction of the pull. It is available for use with 1” and 1-1/2” bolt diameters. Refer to the table for dimensions and safe working loads.

Caution: Double Swivel Lift Plate must have full bearing on smooth, flat concrete and be securely tightened.

Note: SWL of Lift Plate requires installation of washer underneath bolt head.

WARNINGS: Do not use any attachment bolt to fasten a swivel lift plate that shows excess wear, is bent or has any other factor that compromises its safe working load. Verify that the coil bolt is of proper length and properly penetrates the coil. Any of the warnings above, if not heeded, can result in serious injury.

6445 Chart