The Burke Rapid Lift system from Meadow Burke has been the standard for precast/prestress lifting producers across the nation, but there is a new and dramatically simplified standard, the Burke Lift.

The revolutionary design and functionality of the Burke Lift offers you to experience the breakthrough performance technologies, and progression, not seen in lifting in more than 30 years.

The Burke Lift has changed the face of lifting with a comprehensive design and lifting power. The lift brings together face and edge lifts in a complete 10-ton system. This unique lifting system significantly simplifies the lifting process by utilizing a smaller count of anchors while providing a broader range of lifting capabilities.

In the world of today, we are all looking for improved efficiencies, reduction of inventory, and the technologies that will sustain our competitiveness. Meadow Burke Engineering designed and developed the Burke Lift to offer our precast/prestress customers just that, a revolution in lifting.

The one-clutch system allows for the elimination of switching between 4/5 ton and 8/10 ton clutches. This patent pending clutch eliminates spalling completely by allowing the clutch to bear into the Burke Lift anchor, rather than the concrete.

Burke Lift features a single style face lift anchor supplied in eight heights to accommodate panel thicknesses from 5 to 12 inches. In addition, the system is equipped with a single design edge lift anchor that requires just one standard length, making this a product line that offers an edge lift anchor that meets both 4 and 8 ton lifts.

At Meadow Burke we believe in keeping it simple and efficient. Call us today for an appointment to demonstrate the Burke Lift in your plant.