As technology continues to revolutionize, many industries are breaking tradition and turning to innovative digital strategies in order to improve efficiency. One industry in particular making the turn is the concrete accessories industry. Companies like Meadow Burke have begun implementing digital tactics around their sales, marketing and operation efforts in order to keep up with other industries and consumers. Some of the digital advances we have seen so far in the concrete accessories industry include software and mobile application development as well as social media and web advancements.

You may have recently noticed the changes within the digital space at Meadow Burke. One of the most recent digital advancements Meadow Burke has made was the development of its Lockable Dowel Design Tool. This user-friendly software allows customers to work with Engineers to calculate how many Lockable Dowels are needed on the job in order to eliminate costly pour strip. The tool also prevents customers from over purchasing or under purchasing to get the job done. The design tool can be found on the Meadow Burke website and is available as a free download. The Burke Lockable Dowel Design tool also has free technical support.

Other digital additions Meadow Burke has implemented include the website which was recently upgraded with several features to improve the accessibility of information and communication for customers. Technical manuals as well as product videos have been added in order to allow web users to further learn about Meadow Burke products and how they work. A Live Chat feature was also added to provide customers with a convenient way to communicate with a Meadow Burke representative about Meadow Burke’s website and concrete accessories. The website also gives customers the option to communicate with a Meadow Burke engineer for any job specific or product related questions through the Engineer Support feature.

Also noticed on the website are Meadow Burke’s social media icons. The company recently went social with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. The use of social media will allow Meadow Burke to reach and interact with a wider audience as well as provide customers and other industry followers the chance to learn more about Meadow Burke, its products and other concrete news.

A media page is the latest addition to the website. The media page will provide web users with past, current and upcoming news and announcements happening at Meadow Burke and within the industry through content such as press releases, newsletters, and blog posts. Also on the media page will be a live feed to Meadow Burke’s Twitter profile.

One of the greatest benefits Meadow Burke has seen with the implementation of its digital tactics is the improvement in communication with customers and followers. These digital advancements have allowed Meadow Burke to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Meadow Burke intends to keep up with digital trends through their Digital Marketing division. More technological accomplishments are expected to be announced by Meadow Burke in the near future.