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How it Works

Increases the workability, strength, speed, accuracy of installation and performance.


Diamond Holes
Knowing exactly where the “Bearing Point” is located has never been easier. Find the “Diamond Hole”, line up the correct elevation to the corners, and the Rapid-Lok is right on! Note that this is a through hole, visible from either side, even after galvanizing.


Setting Holes
Setting Holes aid in the installation process, are .562” in diameter and consistently located for use with templates during production.


SWL Stamp
The Safe Working Load of the device is located in the corner of each Rapid-Lok. Thisindicates the unit’s SWL; installation conditions and location may reduce the actual
It is to be used only as a convenient indicator of the unit installed after the concrete has been placed.


Super Stud

The Bearing Angle and Bearing Corbel have a specially treated “stud” to increase their strength and durability during the shipping, handling and the installation processes, even in cold weather.