Tilt-Up Services

The speed and accuracy of Leviat’s staff of Professional Engineers assures prompt delivery of essential information to the project. On complicated jobs, our engineers work closely with architects, engineers and contractors in the design, planning and construction stages.

Our Complete Tilt-up package includes comprehensive engineering services to assure a successful tilt-up from design through erection. Our in-house software system analyzes all the flexural and shear stresses from horizontal to vertical which a panel undergoes upon lifting and placement. This computer analysis of each panel gives precisely located insert placement to safely distribute the load. The result is detailed panel drawings for accurate insert placement in the field. These easy-to-read drawings include strongbacks or additional steel reinforcement where needed. Our engineering team also provides bracing design for each panel shape. Our rigging diagrams minimize crane time and assure safety. Temporary bracing analysis provides data for wind loading on tilt-up on precast elements.

Shop drawings from our engineering department help you expedite projects and reduce costly errors in the field. The drawings include overall panel geometry, openings, rustications, embed plate locations and schedules. We can produce cut-out sheets to aid in slab casting and panel framing. This information can be provided in a variety of formats and include both shop drawings and engineering data in a single document.

Contact the our Engineering Department at (866) 730-2904.

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Complete Tilt

Basic Tilt-Up Detail Upon Request Detail
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Copy of Calculations for Tilt-Up Upon Request Detail
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