4290 Dimen1FEATURES

• Large horizontal channel member, 96″ (8 ft.) in length
• High strength can handle up to a 10 kip load under proper conditions.
• Lightweight construction for easier handling, less equipment demand and less labor to reduce costs on the jobsite.
• Due to the rotational adjustability of the bracket, raised falsework is no longer necessary for inclined slab overhang. (Reduction of falsework of almost 100%)
• Quick and easy minor adjustment from the bridge deck to save as much time as possible.
• Diagonal member of bracket is adjustable in length (66.5″ to 99.5″ or 55″ to 67″), height and distance for an effective transfer of the resulting forces, mainly due to the screed load.
• Higher degree of safety due to adjustable guardrail for sloped or super elevated decks.
• Bracket is shipped partially assembled. Easy to assemble to specific conditions.
• No need for additional 2×6 on top chord of Bracket.
• Gang forming of multiple Brackets with aluminum joist beams of up to 24 feet option available.
• Diagonal Load = Maximum 9 kip