MB Slam Anchor Built for Strength, Safety, Speed…

7210The Tilt-Up construction industry has long awaited the arrival of the most heralded brace-to-floor connection solution in recent years. The MB Slam Anchor was designed to address the shortcomings of existing brace-to-floor connectors.

Strength: The objective was simply to create a brace-to-floor connection that will handle the maximum applied brace loads with a single bolt. The MB Slam Anchor carries a 9,000 lbs. load with a 2 to 1 safety factor.

Simplicity and Safety: We recognize that current brace-to-floor connections used in the field today can easily be improperly installed, resulting in serious safety hazards. Another objective with the Slam Anchor was to insure a virtually foolproof installation.

Speed: We know time is money. And with crane and crew waiting, we know that speed of installation is paramount. No Torque or Retightening Required: The unique expansion mechanism is not a threaded connection, and therefore does not have a torque requirement and does not need to be retightened.

Economical: In addition to the savings in labor, the Slam Anchor is designed to be reusable. Only a small drop-in is expended at each use. We are confident that the Slam Anchor will be the brace-to-floor connection solution.