Prestress Strand Caddy

Quickly and accurately adjust for uneven footing and or panels
Meadow Burke introduces the custom designed Prestress Strand Caddy. Simple by design, it allows prestress beam and other prestress product producers to insert the Strand Spacer into the form after positioning your prestress strands in place. The Prestress Strand Caddy keeps the strands separated and spaced in the proper locations before, during and after the placement of concrete. Made to order based on your specific strand, strand patterns and product width. To design your Prestress Strand Caddy see the Specification Sheet located in the Precast section on our website.


  • During setup, pull the strand from one end of the bed to the other
  • Place the Prestress Strand Caddy approximately every 4′ to 5′ for the length of the bed where the bottom layers of strand are run
  • Tie the Strand Caddy to reinforcing and strand as to keep location
  • Outside form jacket helps hold the Caddy straight and in place
  • The Caddy then holds the strands in the proper location
  • The Caddy helps to eliminate entanglements
  • Keeps strands in place during pour shifting preventing swaying


  • The Prestress Strand Caddy helps to hold the strands in the proper location while the mold setup is completed
  • Helps to reduce working in the line of fire after strands have been stressed
  • Eliminates strand entanglements
  • Remains in place during the pour preventing the strands from shifting or swaying out of place
  • 100% customizable to your specifications

» Strand Caddy Literature

    Width of Concrete Section

    No. of spaces to capture strands

    Center-to-center dim. of strands

    Edge distance of strands

    Diameter of prestress strands

    Overall height of Strand Caddy

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