Threaded Pin With Socket

With a proven safe working load, the Meadow Burke Lift Pins with Sockets are designed to assure easy installation and safe handling of concrete products by providing a fully threaded connection. The threaded socket can be used in wet-cast concrete by casting it into the precast section at the time of production, and the threaded lift pin is installed after concrete has cured. The product can be handled with spreader bar and chains, hooks or slings.

Set Apart from the Competition

While many competitor products claim a rating for a theoretical or mechanical working load, Meadow Burke has actually done exhaustive testing in the field and with an independent lab. We’ve validated the actual / true safe working load of our product to be 4,000 lbs per lifter, with a 4:1 safety factor. A lifting device is only as good as the concrete around it, and knowing the “true” safe working load keeps you and your team safe.

Threaded Lift Pin Advantage:

• 4,000 lbs. true SWL per Lifter with a 4:1 safety factor
• Unique handle design for easy grip
• Can install in wet-cast concrete products with the threaded socket
• Stop guide for accurate installation
• Can be used with spreader bar and chains, hooks or slings
• Lift pin can be used as a drill and hammer-in style with our smooth cast in sockets

Threaded Socket Advantage:

• Allows for quick and easy installation of threaded pin
• Cast into precast at time of production, eliminates drilling into the concrete
• A single injection molded part (no two-piece solvent or sonic weld)
• Provides a water-tight and vacuum-tight connection
• Outside rings insure no infiltration or exfiltration along the outside of part
• Can tie into cage, or fit onto existing locating pins inserted through outside form
• Will work with magnetic socket locators

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