A Look Back at the 2015 TCA Convention

October 6, 2015 4:09 pm


Last week, Meadow Burke participated in the 2015 Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) Annual Convention in New Brunswick NJ. The convention was held at the Hyatt Hotel where dozens of Tilt-Up contractors, suppliers and manufacturers gathered to meet and discuss the trends, benefits and application of Tilt-Up construction.

The keynote speaker for this year’s convention, sponsored by Meadow Burke, was entrepreneur Amy Lynch who discussed the strategies in recruiting the next generation of construction industry professionals. According to Lynch, “75 percent of builders and contractors say they need more millennials in the company.” Meadow Burke’s tilt-up/heavy forming product manager Mike Wolstenholme commented, “Many of our customers are already dealing with a shrinking pool of skilled labor so we are happy to help bring this valuable education opportunity to the event.”

This year’s convention not only provided a number of informational sessions, but also a live demonstration of how a panel is tilted up. Participants gathered outside the hotel to see how the process of tilting up a panel works including the products involved. During the demonstration, Mike Wolstenholme spoke a bit about how Meadow Burke’s products including the Super Lift Three system, Tuff Chairs and the Stud Extender are used in tilt-up. You can watch the video on Meadow Burke’s YouTube page.

Other tilt-up products exhibited at the Meadow Burke booth included the Face Lift Insert, Braces, Slam Anchor, Brace Bolt, Erector Connector, Rapid Lok and Wall Brace Inserts. You can learn about all of Meadow Burke’s tilt up products on the website at https://meadowburke.com/product-category/tilt-up/.

tca booth1

The annual Tilt-Up Awards Gala was held where contractors and professionals in the industry were honored for their achievements in tilt-up. Awards for safety, engineering, design etc were given to individuals who exhibited excellence in tilt-up construction. Meadow Burke engineering manager Scott Collins received a certificate of appreciation.

scott collins tca award

The 2015 TCA Convention concluded with a tour of Tilt-Up buildings located in New Jersey including the Hurricane Sandy Memorial in which Meadow Burke provided the lifting and bracing design as well as accessories for the tilt-up project. This project broke a world record for the heaviest panel. You can learn more about Meadow Burke’s involvement in the project by checking out this article.

Meadow Burke would like to personally thank the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) for hosting yet another successful Tilt-Up show this year in NJ.